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      Current Location : Use / Maintenance
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      Use and maintenance methods of rattan furniture:
      Durable, keep rattan furniture timeless, you only need a simple care can easily:

      1/avoid direct sunlight, in order to prevent vine material fade, dry.
      2/In the use and storage do not make the contact and close to the fire and heat, do not put in the sun for a long time exposure, otherwise easy to deformation, bending, cracking, loosening and disengage.
      3/rainy season, the furniture is easy to damp, must maintain the indoor ventilation. If the furniture is found humid phenomenon, should get the sun drying, not to the sun for too long, feeling rattan material surface drying can be recovered.
      4/To avoid rainy day furniture stained with rain, because the natural rain in the active source, there are opportunities for the breeding of insect source.
      5/For the ash to place more of the rattan furniture surface reservoir in the, cleaning can first ceiling again or using a soft bristle brush from the inside outward to flick the dust cleaner, and wet the cloth to wipe it again. The last can be wiped clean with a soft cloth.
      6/Rattan in use after a period of time, use brackish water wipe rattan furniture, both decontamination and its flexibility to maintain long-lasting, and certain anti crisp, moth prevention role.
      7/Processing method for renovating. Primary colours (natural color) of rattan furniture: first clean and dry, and then with sandpaper grinding pergola outside the rattan furniture, make skin to remove stains and restore smooth, a layer of varnish to protect is refreshed.

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